colours launching ‘sober curious’ events (with Brewdog Punk AF)

colours is bringing #SoberTuesdays to Shoreditch, with innovative events & delicious mocktails…

Despite Britain’s historic drinking culture (with The Independent publishing a study earlier this year revealing that British people “get drunk more often than everyone else in the world”), it seems that Millennials are beginning to spark a social revolution. Rather than dismantling the means of production (although maybe they’re working on it), this revolution has seen young people steer away from getting bleary-eyed and turn towards events that aren’t fuelled by booze.

Today, the number of alcohol drinkers in the world has decreased by nearly 5 percent since 2000, according to the World Health Organisation.

For this reason, we are proud to have curated our debut programme at Colours with this new-age attitude in mind and are excited to debut #SOBERTUESDAYS! Get ready for weekly innovative events that require no social lubricants besides an open-mind and a willingness to speak it.

Tuesday 17th Sept

Sober PJ Party

Channel pure 90’s vibes with some old school classics at our monthly Sober PJ Party, this month featuring back-to-school favourite 10 Things I Hate About You. Ticket includes popcorn, capri sun and maybe even a onesie… grab a cushion, sit back and cosy up!

This event is part of SuperCulture’s #SoberTuesdays series.

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Tuesday 24th Sept

Drag Lab: LGBTQ+ Mixer

Tuesday 8th Oct

The Art of Being Present

The Art of Being Present is a workshop exploring the various ways of being completely present and in the moment. During TABP we exercise mindfulness and the importance of listening to our intuition, with powerful tools such as Tarot cards, crystals, colour and our imagination. The second half of the session offers an opportunity for artistic expression, allowing guests to connect with the energy of play in adulthood.

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Tuesday 22nd Oct

LGBTQ+ Mixer with The NightBus

Join our fabulous host, The Nightbus – bearded Muslim drag queen extraordinaire – at Colours’ Queer Sober Mixer every month! Come along to make friends, relax, sip on delicious zero-proof cocktails and explore a range of topics: from magic to (drag) makeovers, astrology, well-being and beyond.

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Of course, to compliment these events we won’t just be leaving you stranded with boring old post-mix drinks! We’ve come up with a special low & no mocktail list based on our new colours cocktails that will keep your tastebuds satisfied without the next day hangover!