Jamz Supernova: “people look to London and take inspiration”

Colours talks to Future Bounce founder Jamz Supernova.

Jamz Supernova DJing

Colours Hoxton talk to Jamz Supernova, the founder of Future Bounce and 1Xtra DJ & presenter.

Future Bounce is the opening party of Colours Hoxton on Fri 13th September! The night showcases live artists such as Syd B and Sophie Faith, followed by a 2-room clubnight with Strategy, Melle Brown, Arma and of course Jamz herself! Buy tickets to the live show (which includes entry to the club) here.

Tell us about Future Bounce, how did it start and where has it been?

Future Bounce started as a radio show back in 2014 on Reprezent Radio. When I got my show on BBC Radio 1Xtra, I turned it into a music platform and threw my first event at Birthdays in Dalston back in 2016. Since then we’ve become a record label and thrown parties and live events throughout London, Bristol, Birmingham & Berlin!

Where did you hear about Syd B, your live headliner on 13th September? 

I came across Syd B on my Tuesday night radio show. I loved her debut EP and made it #1 in my EP TOP 5 and have been supporting her since. I’m always about discovering new artists and love being able to support early on in their musical journey’s. The Future Bounce live aspect is all about coming down to see artists you haven’t heard before and becoming new fans. I’m also really excited to see Sophie Faith open the show; she’s a London soul artist that came up on the Brighton dance scene, her voice is insane. I think together they’ll be a great pairing!

What do you love about London’s music/nightlife scene? Is there something missing, if so what? 

Luckily with my job I get to travel all around the world and meet incredible promoters trying to do something different in their city. Many look to London and the nightlife we create and take their inspiration. I love that no matter what your musical taste is you can find an event right for you. I think we’re missing a few more late licences for a 24 hour city; it’s rare to find a rave that goes on past 3am!

What’s the toughest part of curating and promoting events? What have you learnt over the years?

That’s a good question. The toughest part I think is selling tickets in advance. I’ve always been an advocate of low ticket prices, as I want people from all walks of life to be able to come and party. But if a ticket is £5 in advance and then £5 on the door, it’s hard to get people excited a month ahead. I’ve had nights where we’ve sold 3 advance tickets but on the night the sales on the door hit capacity and people are genuinely there for the DJs, so you just never know! I’ve also learnt you can’t control the will of people. You may think putting your headline act on last makes sense, but people will leave regardless. Programming of a night is essential: of course you want people to stay as late as possible but if they’re gonna leave, they’re gonna leave!

What’s the thing you’re most excited about hosting parties at Colours? 

For me it’s the ability to do something new with Future Bounce. We’ve always ran our live events and club events separately but now we get to combine them. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to book so much talent!

Who are the artists you have on your radar that you’d love to book in future?

Look out for Layfullstop in November. I feel really blessed to be able to do her London headline show and I think it’s gonna be a roadblock!

And finally, 10 tracks you’re LOVING right now…
(find Jamz’s playlist on Spotify here)

Syd B – Water Me
Sophie Faith – Salt 
Melle Brown – Background Noise 
Strategy – Ragged 
Arma – Walk The Platform
Joe Turner – Retina (Ehua Remix)
Kindness – Raise Up 
EVM128 – Changes 
Misterrcha – Cha Cha Funky 
SNOW – Money Finished

You can catch Jamz Supernova hosting and DJing at the first ever Future Bounce x New Age collaboration on Friday 13th September, AKA the opening night of Colours Hoxton.