Layfullstop on new single ‘Cherries’ and more

Colours Hoxton chats to Layfullstop about new single ‘Cherries’ and taking the neo-soul scene by storm.

Manchester-based songstress Layfullstop is a rising-force. Armed with her unapologetically raw lyrics dispatched through uniquely silky vocals, the hip-hop/soul artist has already caught the attention of a number of key players in the scene. Her releases span an impressive list of collaborations; from likes of Children of Zeus and Woddy Green, to up-and-comers such as Manchester’s Berry Blacc. 

Colours Hoxton chats to Layfullstop about new single ‘Cherries’ and taking the neo-soul scene by storm. 

Having collaborated with some of Manchester’s most influential artists including Children of Zeus, how do you consider the city to have influenced your musical sound and direction?

Manchester’s helped me to connect with loads of different people, from musicians, creatives, people who I call family. It’s an environment that really allows you to be yourself and I’m super grateful that I’ve had the space to do just that. 

What was your inspiration behind new single ‘Cherries’?

I love Cherries because it’s super unapologetic. The idea focuses on biblical principles such as the kind of seeds we plant as people and how that seed grows up to be either good or bad by looking at the type of fruit we produce.

“I also found myself embracing new elements of my womanhood and wanted to express that through the symbolic qualities that Cherries have.”

What can fans expect from your 1st November performance at Colours Hoxton?

I think people should expect to get a real taste of the world I live in. Aswell as a performance, i always want people to leave with food for the mind and soul which I like to express in different ways. I also have musician Life who will be joining me as support so I have no doubt people will have a full dose of vibes but a deeper understanding of what we represent too.

Who are the artists you’re playing on repeat at the moment?

I’ve had Rapsody’s ‘Eve’ album on repeat for the last couple months but I go through different phases. At the moment I’m heavy on my instrumentals, especially bossa nova and jazz beats, they help me to keep my mind open.

What can we expect to see from you this coming year?

I’ve got a couple surprises left before the year ends, but as of next year I’ll be in full effect. I want to be connecting with as many people as I can, whether that’s through new music, live shows, I’m ready to go! 

You can catch Layfullstop performing alongside Live at Colours Hoxton this Friday!