meet artist in residence Fred Butler…

Fred Butler is the artist behind ‘Heliocentric Electric’, the immersive installation coming to Colours’ on 13th September in collaboration with Install Archive.

Fred Butler is the artist behind ‘Heliocentric Electric’, the immersive installation coming to Colours’ on 13th September in collaboration with Install Archive and curated by Liat Chen @liatchen_curator. We spoke to colour queen (and creator of Lady Gaga’s notorious Telephone Hat) Fred Butler about the upcoming exhibition… 

Can you describe your Colours installations?

For our site-specific exhibition within the new “Colours” concept, we have created an immersive installation of light effects casting shapes, patterns and textures around the space to bring a cosmic highlight to the new venue opening.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Our theme “Heliocentric Electric” took inspiration from the astrology of the night sky within the opening month of September.  Not only is the Milky Way most visible at this time but meteors (shooting stars) will also reach their highest rate more than at any other time during the year.  Taking this as a starting point, we have invented our own imaginary planetary system to conjure up a canopy of constellations from an alternate astral plane.   

This effect will be a moving light-show of stars and comets with some surprise spinning satellites!

What do you want it to make people feel?

These polyhedral shapes are a signature aesthetic continuing on from our artwork at the NOW Gallery show “Harmonics In Space”.   We have taken the fun and playfulness from that setting and developed the story forwards to fit to the the new multi arts bar and events space.  An interactive element will also bring the artwork into an extra dimension as visitors travel thru the luminous environment.  The ultimate wish is always to transport people to another world thru a magical, ethereal experience.

What do you enjoy about working with colour?

In the words of Bernard Denvir “to a sensitive soul, the effect of colours is deeply and intensely moving.  They produce a correspondent spiritual vibration, and it is only as a step towards this spiritual vibration that the physical impression is of importance”. 

What’s your favourite colour and why?   

Iridescent.  Holographic.  Opalescent ……..  Any variation on that theme.  A hue that is comprised of a section of the spectrum in its entirety.  It’s intangible and as a result, totally cosmic.

Colours and ‘Heliocentric Electric’ is launching 13th September.