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Tue September 24, 2019

Fieh combines the songwriting and frontwomanship of Sofie Tollefsbøl with an ambitious, large ensemble made out of some of the best young musicians in Norways jazz and pop scene. They are also a gang of old friends who’ve known each other since they started taking music seriously. It all adds up to a live act that was one of the hottest on this years Norwegian festival circuit, and which feels like a true social event; star quality, deep musicality, a stage packed with sonic and visual details for the audience to enjoy.

A huge highlight was when Elton John on his “Rocket Hour”, played the song and waxed about how much he admires the band. In February 2018, second single “25” explored slightly different moods and soundscapes. There is more to come – an album filled with ear-catching adventures wich the band recreates and embellishes on stage without missing a beat.

Ages 14 and Up